20 facts about me

Good evening! The lovely Joanne who I follow on Instagram tagged me in the #20FactsAboutMe post, so I decided I would write my list here on my blog for you all to get to know me! 

  1. I’m one of three girls – myself and my twin sisters Abbie and Alex were all IVF babies!
  2. I once fell out of my bunk beds and broke both of my wrists. It wasn’t until years later that I told my parents it was no accident. I’d been trying to copy the olympic gymnasts I’d been watching on TV, by flipping over the bar.
  3. I went to a tiny primary school in the countryside, there were only 13 people in my class.
  4. Every single school report I ever received always said that I talk too much, I’m 24 and nothing has changed…
  5. My biggest hobby growing up was swimming, the only sport I ever successfully competed in! That’s not to say I didn’t try EVERYTHING, gymnastics, ballet, hockey, Irish Dancing, Footballs, you name it… I tried it (and left after 6 months).
  6. I repeated my final year at Grammar school – oops – and although at the time it felt like a massive step backwards while everyone else moved on, I’m thankful for that extra year. I wouldn’t have met my now best friend Jill otherwise. I also had to take on an extra A-Level, and it just so happens that the subject I chose ended up being what I went on to study at university!
  7. I graduated with a degree in Business Studies in December 2015.
  8. I was a counsellor and swimming teacher at Blue Star Camps in North Carolina for two summers – I made friends during those two summers that I know I’ll keep for life.
  9. Some of my best friends are scattered all over the world… Cape Town, America, Israel and Australia!
  10. One of the coolest things I’ve ever done was hike to the top of Lion’s Head in Cape Town, South Africa.
  11. One of the weirdest things I’ve ever eaten was Alligator ribs in Florida.
  12. My Instagram page used to be called @me_myself_and_macros – I used to follow IIFYM, and workout ALOT. I was actually going to compete in my first bikini competition, and then I found out I was pregnant and EVERYTHING changed.
  13. I live with my partner Andy and my 7 month old son Tobias!
  14. My pregnancy cravings were Tango Ice Blasts (I used to go to the cinema to buy them and not see a movie) – and Coke (but it had to be from McDonalds).
  15. I have PCOS, and found out I was pregnant a couple of weeks after being diagnosed, I wrote a blog about it here.
  16. I gave birth to Tobias in the Ulster Hospital and was in labour for 14 hours, maybe someday I’ll write my labour story!
  17. I’m addicted to Diet Coke
  18. I’m on maternity leave right now but I work for David Lloyds Clubs as a receptionist and Kids Coach.
  19. If I had to eat one food for the rest of my life it would be pizza.
  20. Becoming a mummy is by far the best thing to ever happen to me! 

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